Efficient IP


PERI TECHNOLOGIES is the distributor in Malaysia for EFFICIENT IP

Business is moving faster than ever, fueled by the needs of new and innovative offers, quick company reorganization and operational efficiency improvements.

In this highly competitive context, modern network infrastructures are a cornerstone of key IT transformation initiatives: hybrid cloud, virtualization, mobility, IoT, and more.

These market trends are adding extreme pressure on company network services regardless of size, complexity and business focus. To fully support the agility, performance and quality your business requires, you need to implement a cost effective, easy-to-use, and flexible DNS, DHCP and IPAM (DDI) solution.

  • Enhanced business continuity
  • Greater business agility
  • Better time to service for better time to market
  • Improve predictability & risk mitigation
  • Decreased total cost of ownership (TCO) up to 75%

EFFICIENT IP Solutions for:

  • DNS Security
  • Network Automation
  • Virtualization & Cloud
  • VITALQIP Migration
  • CISCO Umbrella Integrations

Integrated DDI, VLANs and
Device Interfaces Management Solution

EfficientIP’s Smart DDI solution offers integrated management of DNS-DHCP-IPAM and VLANs-VRF with devices and their network interfaces in a single process. This unique comprehensive DDI solution delivers high availability, elastic scalability and advanced security, all built on a policy-driven management and automation foundation.

SOLIDserver™ Smart DDI technology ensures that your network infrastructure will actively support your business imperatives and growth.

Ensure Network Reliability

Ensure network reliability with error-free configurations, centralized management and best practices enforcement

Simplify DDI Management

Increase productivity with intelligent policy-driven deployment automation, and identify unused resources

Improve Teamwork Efficiency

Enhance team work efficiency with smart task delegation and work flow

Anticipate Problems

Global visibility and consistency control, proactive services monitoring, user-defined reports and network asset tracking

Secure Critical Services

Protect public and private DNS from both internal and external threats, regardless of the attack type